iwi Promotional Products has created the perfect opportunity for business of all sizes to get their brand and services out to the targeted consumer while focusing on (ROI)


In almost every situation, when we meet with a client, they are trying to boost their business while retaining and increasing referral customers. This is where the Promotional Products came into the solution as Promotional Products bring strong client retention and loyalty to a brand.


“Promotional & branded logo products have been known to draw as much as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.”


If you’re looking for promotional products, you’ve come to the right place with over hundreds of thousands of Promotional Products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly 24.7 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in America.


Why? Items like mugs, pens, and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like TV, magazines, and the Internet. With so many ad specialties available, there is a huge opportunity for professionals like you to boost ROI and leave a lasting impression with your customers.


Our Mission and goal are to meet our client's needs for a specific product or service, not just your wants, while creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients through the power of branded promotional products, leaving a lasting impression on their customers.



  • "84% of respondents remembered the advertiser on promotional products they received, demonstrating their high return-on-investment for marketers and businesses."
  • "Eight in 10 consumers on average own between one and ten promotional logo products."
  • "Adding a promotional product to your media mix increases the effectiveness of the other media by up to 44 percent and the average cost-per-impression of an ad specialty item is $0.004, beating nearly all other forms of advertising."
  • "Promotional branded logo products can draw as many as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone."

Businesses need promotional items to help reach out to potential customers and clients - it's just a fact. This is a very low-cost marketing method to help draw in new customers. 


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